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Hi group,

For a blockmodel derived through structural equivalence, I understand that an intra-positional perfect oneblock, i.e a positional self-tie, is equivalent to the actors in the position being a cohesive group. Thus, in a block image or reduced graph of such a blockmodel, a position with a self-tie could be described as a cohesive position.

For regular blockmodels, however, the special criteria for oneblocks could of course generate an intra-positional perfect oneblock (regular block) without every actor in the position in question being a cohesive subgroup where all actors interact with every other. As a matter of fact, under ideal circumstances, such a "self-tying" regular block could very well be made of each actor in the position having a singular tie to another actor in the position.

Thus: would it be terminological correct to call a position with a self-tie in a regular blockmodel (i.e a regular block along the diameter of the blockmodel/block image) a cohesive position? Any other terminology in use?

Carl Nordlund, BA, PhD student
Human Ecology Division, Lund university

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