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thanks-- this looks fascinating.  (to Adano and Karen):  would be
interested in seeing, esp chapt 17.


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                      01/29/2005 09:38         Subject: RE: social network analysis and ethnic conflict reference list

Here's one more reference:

Roba, A.W. & Witsenburg, K. (2004). Surviving Pastoral Decline:
Pastoral sedentarism, natural resource management and livelihood
diversification in Marsabit District, Northern Kenya.
PhD dissertation (2 volumes), Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan
& International Development Studies, University of Amsterdam,

Chapter 11, "Herd sharing, herd diversification and herd transfers:
the animal trust system as an indigenous social institution of
self-insurance" presents an elaborate empirical analysis of social
in relation with herd practices.

Chapter 17, "Ethnic violence and scarcity of resources: is there
a causal relationship" discusses implications of previous
chapters for ethnic conflict, including violent conflict.

Both authors of this double dissertation were awarded "Cum Laude".
(Also a recent paper of theirs related to their dissertation
work received a prestigious award on the occasion of the 40th
anniversary of the Dutch WOTRO foundation for research in tropical

The authors may be contacted for additional information:

[log in to unmask] (Dr. Adano Wario Roba)
[log in to unmask] (Dr. Karen Witsenburg)

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FYI, below is a list of the references sent me regarding ethnic conflict
and social network analysis.  Thanks go to Uwe Serdult, Devon Brewer,
Karoly Takacs, George Tita, Michael Foulds, Moses Boudour, and George


Social Network Analysis and Ethnic Conflict

Baerveldt, C., Van Duijn, M.A.J., Vermeij, L., & D. A. van Hemert
(2004). Ethnic boundaries and personal choice. Assessing the influence
of individual inclinations to choose intra-ethnic relationships on
pupils' networks. Social Networks 26(1), 55-74.

Banton, M. (2000): Ethnic Conflict. Sociology, 34(3): 481-498.

Bhavnani, R. and Backer, D. (2000): Localized Ethnic Conflict and
Genocide. Accounting for Differences in Rwanda and Burundi. Journal of
Conflict Resolution, 44(3): 283-306.

Fearon, J. and Laitin, D. (1996): Explaining Interethnic Cooperation.
American Political Science Review, 90(4): 715-735.

Flap, H. D. (1988): Conflict, Loyalty and Violence. The Effects of
Social Networks on Behaviour. Frankfurt, Verlag Peter Lang.

Forbes, H. D. (1997): Ethnic Conflict. Commerce, Culture, and the
Contact Hypothesis. New Haven, Yale University Press.

Gould, R. V. (1999): Collective Violence and Group Solidarity: Evidence
from a Feuding Society. American Sociological Review, 64(3): 356-380.

Hage, P. (1973). A graph theoretic approach to the analysis of alliance
structure and local grouping in Highland New Guinea. Anthropological
Forum, 3: 280-294.

Hallpike, C. R. (1972). The Konso of Ethiopia: A study of the values of
a Cushitic people. Oxford: Clarendon Press.

Various work by Ian Lustick.

Massey, G.; Hodson, R., and Sekulic, D. (1999): Ethnic Enclaves and
Intolerance: The Case of Yugoslavia. Social Forces, 78(2): 669-673.

Myers (2000). The Diffusion of Collective Violence: Infectiousness,
Susceptibility, and Mass Media Networks; American Journal of Sociology

Takács, K. (2001): Structural Embeddedness and Intergroup Conflict.
Journal of Conflict Resolution, 45 (6): 743-769.

Takács, K. (2002): Social Networks and Intergroup Conflict. Groningen,
ICS Dissertation Series.

Sherif, M., Harvey, O. J., White, J. B., Hood, W. R., & Sherif, C. W.
(1988). The robbers cave experiment: Intergroup conflict and
Middletown: Wesleyan University Press.

George Tita, K. Jack Riley, Greg Ridgeway, Clifford Grammich, Allan
Abrahamse, Peter W. Greenwood (2003) Reducing Gun Violence:  Results
from an Intervention in East Los Angeles, Rand.

Todd, D. (1979). War and peace between the Bodi and Dime of southwestern
Ethiopia. In K. Fukui & D. Turton (Eds.), Warfare among East African
Herders (pp. 211-225). Osaka: National Museum of Ethnology.

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