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I am just about to submit my PhD which concerns innovation diffusion
concepts within a particular context.  I have dabbled in SNA during the
early stages of my work, using it now as a pilot study only as my approach
to the questions i wanted to answer changed somewhat.  However, i still have
lots of raw data and intend to use it for future publications.  With this
said, i do have some knowledge of the difficulties of using SNA within the
field regarding the study of innovation diffusion.  I have a longitudinal
and cross sectional research design using SNA, reference:

Larsen, G. D (2003) Informal communication networks and the diffusion of
innovaitons in UK construction projects, in Anumba, C. J. (ed) Innovative
Developments in Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Mill Press,
Loughborough, pp 503-514.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need any more info.


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