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I work with the National Research Council of Canada and we are looking into
using SNA as a methodology to better understand how our institutes, programs
and initiatives interact with the broader scientific community in the
context of industrial cluster development, in terms of commercializing
knowledge, in terms of managing or influencing network structures such as
horizontal research programs, etc. 


I have gathered some papers and articles on SNA in the research / innovation
context, but would be interested to hear if members have particular ones to
recommend, views on the relevance of SNA in this context, any problems or
key issues that you feel must be taken into consideration etc. 


I am planning on attending the Sunbelt conference and would be happy to meet
with you to explain what we are looking at doing, and to hear your views. 


Thank you, 


Erin Cassidy

tel/tél: 990-9272 | fax/télécopieur: 941-0986 

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Planning and Performance Management | Planification et gestion du rendement

National Research Council Canada | M58, 1200 Montreal RoadConseil national
de recherches Canada | M58 1200, chemin Montréal Ottawa, Canada K1A 0R6 


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