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Dear all, 

I am a complete novice in network analysis, and at my very beginning of
using UCINET software. I was wandering if anyone could help me with
inputting and handling data in the program - namely, I have a
longitudinal dataset of some 14000 alliances in a 20 year time span
(thus, non-directed ties). The data is in Excel now, and listed in the
following manner:


Year of alliance              partner1            partner2
partner3 and so on

1980                             xxx                   yyy

1980                             xxx                   aaa


the problem (or not?) is that in the same data:

1.      some companies formed multiple alliances (with different
partners) in the same year (so we have them as a special entry, as in
the example above
2.      some companies have multiple partners in ONE alliance in ONE
year, although rare cases; most of them have just one partner per


our interest is getting degree centrality (for a start) measures for
each company for each year. Could you give me any guidance regarding the
best way to input the data into UCINET, and the possibility of using
centrality measures (I am not sure if UCINET in the process of creating
a matrix would interpret some of the above as missing data, as most of
the companies have 1 partner, but I cannot get rid of those having
multiple partners. Also, should I perform any matrix transformations or
such prior to centrality measures?)

another problem is that some of the companies are not only linked to one
another via alliances, but also have their own subsidiaries as part of
the network data. I believe we should code that somehow as
parent-subsidiary ties are important (and stronger!) but I am not sure
how to approach that. 


I know I am full of questions, and probably did not make it clear what
exactly the problem is, but if anyone could help me, I could email part
of the data for easier communication. Thank you!!!!




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Hana Milanov

PhD Student

Management Department - BU630A

Kelley School of Business

home phone: 812-333-7285


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