At 03:10 AM 1/8/2005 -0500, Lance Rothstein wrote:
>Hello all - sorry this is late but I've been enormously busy with all
>the procrastinating I didn't get done last year.
>Here are some nice close-ups of some of the usual suspects for Pasco
>County. All of them were in Port Richey except the Hawk which was in
>Wesley Chapel.
>I'm not sure on the hawk ID, but the rest are Red-Bellied Woodpecker,
>Mocking Bird, Robin.
>I'm not sure of #7455
>and the rest look like Yellow Rumped Warblers and maybe a Prarie
>Warbler... So many different markings...

Hi Lance,  Your hawk is a Red-shouldered Hawk.  Those are Palm Warblers not
Prairies.  No. 7455 is an Eastern Phoebe.  You should spring for a Peterson
field guide, and spend a couple of days studying it.  Not a Sibley or any
other, a Peterson guide.  Your photography is good, but I would think you
would enjoy it more if you knew what you were shooting.

Cheers, Jack

Jack Dozier
Alligator Pt., FL
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