Big news from Babcock Webb WMA, birder extraordinaire Charlie Ewell, led a group of Manatee Auduboners around Babcock Webb WMA and scored some huge founds. First off a Limpkin was in the first pond behind the fee station. Then he scored grasshopper sparrows, 3 Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, Brown-headed Nuthatches, Bluebirds and more of the regular stuff. The huge news though, came when he found a King Rail and a young/subadult Snail Kite. The Kite was seen in the second marsh along Tucker's Grade east of Oilwell Grade.

I was with them in the beginning and photographed some of the RC Woodpeckers and the Limpkin, Charlie got shots of the Snail Kite. This is a significant record for Babcock Webb WMA and a bit scary knowing hunting season is open for a nother week!


Jeff Bouton
Port Charlotte, FL
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