This afternoon, Fred Bassett, with the Hummer Bird Study Group, was able to
catch and band the Buff Bellied hummingbird in Tallahassee.  Last month Fred
had left Tallahassee in the morning and when he reached Niceville, he heard
about the bird.  He quickly turned around and returned to Tallahassee and
waited in vain for 2 hours, but the bird did not show up.  He left and headed
back to Pensacola, quite a day.

Today rain in the panhandle forced him to cancel several visits and since he
was in town early he was able to make two stops before 5:00.  Off of Magnolia
Drive he quickly caught an adult male Rufous and it was off to Indianhead
Acres.  Within 10 minutes of setting up the trap, the bird showed up and went
right in.

It is a second year female buff bellied and quite a stunning bird.  I have
posted some photos of her at: .

Fred will be banding Friday and Saturday in Tallahassee before heading to
Georgia then through Central Florida.  There are 14 homes in Tallahassee that
have hummingbirds and I will give an update on the results of his trip.

Fred Dietrich
Tallahassee, Fl

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