I am sending this to the list where both my message and Roy's reply  failed
to go through an automatic, but faulty, addressed mailer.


Sorry - I knew the minute I hit the "send" button that I had brought up the
wrong address!


Barbara Passmore <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

Roy, I am very glad to see you using the archives. Just one thing, the
address to use for search commands (and all commands, in fact) is:
[log in to unmask]

This FLORIDABIRDS-L address is just for posts and won't get you to the

You will notice in replying, I have deleted both the "heading" and the
bottom banner. Neither is needed and the bottom banner is attached with
every posting, creating double banners when not deleted from the message
replied to.

Please resend your message which is correctly stated to the LISTSERV

Barbara Passmore

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search MINWR in floridabirds-l from 04-12-25 to 04-12-31

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