I replied the following to you yesterday but meant to include the list:


Ruby-throats will also pump their tails on occasion. Black-chinned tend to
pump more often than the Ruby-throats (almost constantly when hovering).
Depending on how the birds sit, the wing to tail length can be misleading.
There is some cross-over on many of the characteristics used to distinguish
between Ruby-throat and Black-chinneds in the field so it usually takes more
than one or two field marks to make a positive id of a female Black-chinned
in Florida, especially in south Florida where they have been reported but
very rarely. Other areas to look at when iding a Black-chinned are the head
color (duller/grayish), bill (longer, more likely decurved), and wing tips
(broader blunt tip). The best way to make the id is in the hand, which I'm
hoping Fred will be able to do soon with my "likely young male/female
Black-chinned". Photos and/or videos offer the best proof of identification.


I've posted a couple of photos from video taken this morning of one of my
suspect Black-chinneds (who pumps constantly) at:

I've put a third photo (not the best focus) that shows the shape of the
Ruby-throat's wing at:

I've spent the day trying to find a "good" bird among my hummers but could
only verify 2 Rufous, 2 Black-chinneds, and 4 Ruby-throats. I still have a
couple of questionable birds that I'm not sure if they are different looks
at one of these birds or of additional ones. Hopefully, they'll still be
around when Fred comes and will enter the trap so I can get a better idea of
all that are here.


Steve Backes
Valrico, FL
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while observing two hummingbirds in a bottlebrush tree halfway down the dirt
road part of fritchy road a male blackthroated bluewas feeding in the tree
back of the bush.
now the hummingbirds the wings are as long as the tail and rounded like the
black chinned in siblys they pump their tails a little but not much i'm not
familiar with hummer id it would be great if someone could help out.

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