I have posted about this before, but it may have been missed by some of you.

We all like to share our experiences with birds, but I have asked and
continue to do ask that your trip reports be limited to Florida birds seen
in this state and waters of this state.  However interesting it may be to
learn about rarities in far places, it is disappointing to see some rarity
on a subject line, only to find it is not in Florida and may even be
thousands of miles away.

I have just the perfect spot for all NON-Florida trip reports.  My only
other list is BIRDTRIP which is hosted by the University of Arizona, and you
are welcome to post not only your "foreign" (out of the State of Florida)
trip reports there, but also your in-Florida trip reports, which I hope you
will have posted here.  BIRDTRIP is not a discussion list, and is for trip
reports only.  It is fully moderated, which keeps all spam out among other
things.  Messages (trip reports only) are received by subscribers by index -
and if you desire to keep that option (which may be changed if you desire to
regular mail, for example), you will get a link to click on, but not the
message itself.

To subscribe to BIRDTRIP, which is a Listserv list just like this one, send
a message to [log in to unmask] AND SEND THE COMMAND:
asking for confirmation just as you did here.  That's it.

Send me any questions you may wish about this message, and I will answer
them directly.


Barbara Passmore
           and BIRDTRIP

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