Little to report from Woodruff except to say the juvenile female Vermilion
Flycatcher is still present.  When entering the walking area, turn immediately
to the right and follow around past the 2 oak trees.  You will pass a bench on
the right.  Just past that, at the next palm tree, or straight across the
little canal from the palm (to your right) she constantly hunts.

I now have 2 Ruby-throated Hummingbirds coming to my yard daily.  They seems
to like the shrimp plants during the day and come to the feeder near dusk to
carb up for the night.  One is an adult male and the other is a juvenile male.
The adult has been there all winter but only yesterday did I find the other

My yard has been full of goldfinches, robins, cedar waxwings, yellow-rumps,
palm warblers, 2 RC Kinglets, one Sapsucker and one catbird, who has been here
for several weeks.  I usually have 20-30 Chipping Sparrows but this year I
have 6.  Odd.

Question for birders out all the time this fall.  Did anyone see Blackpolls?
I may have missed it but I don't recall any postings.

Meret S Wilson
Tomoka State Park Bird Banding Station
Ormond Beach, FL

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