My five year old daughter and I had the good fortune of driving by when we
saw two men taking pictures of their hands near the edge of the road.  I
knew it was probably the two Freds with the Buff-bellied Hummingbird.  I had
not walked over to watch for the bird yet, so I had to stop to see the bird
in hand.  My daughter (who's not much of a birder, no matter how hard I try)
was awestruck.  It was really a privilege to add such a great lifer and
experience such a unique bird.

I have not really birded except for the Tallahassee CBC, so I don't have
much to report.

We do have a Kestrel around the Florida High baseball and softball fields.

At home we have a mockingbird that can't stop eating the suet at our feeder;
I've never seen a mocker take anything but worms.  Orange-crowned Warbler
(on the suet), Black-and-Whites Warbler, Hermit Thrush, Red-tailed Hawk, and
Turkey Vultures (the latter two can be scarce over Indianhead Acres) have
been the notable yard birds as of late.

No ducks on the littler Southwood ponds to speak of yet.

I did have a large flock (>100) of Chipping Sparrows on the grassy roadside
between Florida High and John Paul II on Tuesday afternoon, and there was a
large flock (>20) of Pine Warblers in the grass at the same location on
Wednesday. This particular vantage point is also good for the Kestrel and

Keep Looking Up,

Rob Lengacher
Indianhead Acres
Tallahassee, FL
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