Birded with Dick Konz of Sanibel & Chicago this morning and found the Wester Spindalis in Indigenous Park. It was pretty windy so the magic ficus in the front of the park, where 22 people saw it on the Key West CBC, didn't seem likely, though we kept checking it anyhow. We also checked the Jeff Bouton Memorial Shrub several times with similar luck.

We finally found the bird on the edge of the pond on the side opposite the Atlantic. If the pond is a watch dial and the platform is 12 o'clock, we found the bird at about 5 o'clock and followed it until 7:30.

We found it by call. Dick thought it sounded more like a "seet" than a "seep." The Black-throated Green warbler that's been hanging around the park threw us for a loop several times.


Mark Hedden
Bone Island Bird Expeditions
Key West

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