It was a Pleasant False Spring Day on 858 on Both sides of the Hendry Bad Boy Club.  The 23 Red Shouldered Hawks were Defending Territory and Calling Continually.  Three pairs of Ground Doves were on the wires Calling, Two White-Eyed Vireos were having a Songfest while chasing each other around the Shrubbery, and a Male Painted Bunting was in Full Song from atop a Fencepost.
The Towhees were calling everywhere, and the Two Male Purple Martins were serenading the Lone Female flying with them. 
Among the usual other birds seen were:

Yellow-Billed Cuckoo (1 Adult) Flying across road and perched in tree, not singing!
Western Kingbird ( 2 )  One vocalizing
House Wren (3)  Two Vocalizing
Cedar Waxwing (flock of 8) on 846

Unfortunately the Idyllic "Spring" Reverie was cut short by the Dead Adult (300#+) Black Bear on the Eastern Shoulder of the road just North of the HBBC.  It smelled rather badly, so did not check it too closely, unknown whether shot, hit, or died of natural causes.  Called FWC and moved on.

No Scissor-Tailed Flycatchers anywhere on 846, 858, or 29. 

Gary C. Hampton
Sandra H. Hampton
Cape Coral, Florida

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