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I like it!  I was struck by similar themes in the film.

How about the manic defense in SpM and GWB?   The first is a conveniently fictional manic defense - it works - in the form of weightless-supersticky-really fast and strong; GWB in the Pangloss/Machiavelli lovechild need to put a positive spin on each and every bit of news; the renunciation of all accountability, and the refusal to acknowledge even partial failures.

Peter Parker, at least, managed to document actual achievements, and refused to give himself a vacation, much less multi-million dollar parties, or medals of deity to his cohorts.  SpM was a model of reparation; GWB, of envy.

Disclaimer:  I believe the myth of the Superhero, free of moral ambiguity, is alive and kicking/sticking, quite relevant these days.  My comments about the Pres shall be confined to this context only.




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Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2005 3:40 pm

Subject: [Fwd: Spider-Man and a general question]

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> Subject: Spider-Man and a general question
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> I posted a question about spider-Man a couple of weeks ago which
> got no
> response. (Which is the privilege of a group, to ignore posts that
> donítspark any interest.) I wasnít sure, though, if my message
> actually got
> through. Most of the postings seem to be a FW.this or FW that. Iím not
> quite clear where new postings to this group come from, or if they are
> forwards that Norman has seen/ received which he thinks might be of
> general interest. Iíd appreciate some clarification from somebody,
> please. Thatís my general point. My second one is to re-post my
> Spider-Man question in the hope that it might spark some interest.
> So, my Spider-Man question runs something like this:
> It struck me that the recent Spider-Man movie had lots of interesting
> psychological/ emotional overtones. Thereís the whole issue of
> Masks and
> true identity which echoed Winnicottís work on True and False
> self. Then
> there are Kleinian themes of guilt and Reparation. Peter Parkerís
> fosterfather is killed as a result of his inaction in an earlier
> situation.His life as Spider-Man seems to be an attempt to atone
> for this mistake.
> Does this have any national connections for America at the moment- and
> for Bush Jnr.? I can see various other themes, but hoped that a group,
> whose remit was to look at a psychological study of the Arts,
> might have
> some thoughts as well. Please donít disappoint me!
> Yours
> Terry