Hello, All.

Long time, no post it seems. This will be longer than
I think.

INteresting day for me considering I was on a mission
to pick up resources for a talk to Boy Scouts next
month. But who can resist a jaunt across MINWR when
your materials destination is the Visitor Center?

Not this mostly landlocked boy!

Risnig before dawn, I hit Parrish Park just as the sun
was coming up. Lots of peeps. Short-billed Dowitchers,
Least Sandpipers, Westerns, Sanderlings, TONS of
Ring-billed Gulls were flying over the bridge to drop
immediately unto the opposite side. Maybe 1 Turnstone.

Off to Pumphouse Road. Walked straight out the main

To the left, Longbilled Dowitchers, Marbled Godwit, BB
Plovers, Dunlin, a lot of resting Skimmers and
Laughing Gulls, 2 Willet, a Myrtle Warbler or two,
Grey Catbird, Mocker, and a Greater Black-backed Gull.

To the right, Coots, Coots, Coots, Pintails, Pintails,
Blue-winged Teal, Hooded Mergansers (not too happy to
see me) Coots, Black Vultures, White Ibis, Palm
Warbler, more Coots.

Out to Black Point.

All the herons (save green) and the usual suspects.
Nice shot of a Spoonbill right around 8 AM. Wood
Stork. Semi-palmateds and Killdeer, Red-winged Black
Birds are back in number, White Pelicans in several

Two things I liked, a larger Merganser just after stop
1 (heads-up, Mr. Dunkerton! Image to follow in the
morning for verification) and 5-6 American Widgeons in
the pond between 11 and 12. A Wht Pelican was there,
as well.

To the Visitors Center.

6 Scrub Jay on the grass next to the road toward the
Scrub Ridge Trail. Whe I renewed my annual pass at the
ranger station, another Jay was perched just to my
left while a Brown Thrasher hunted right to the right
of my car.

Biolab held Tree Swallows, Scaup, both yellow-legs,
Eastern Pheobe, and the rest. Nothing out of the
ordinary but I managed a few good shots of the birds
through there.

A nice day at the refuge. Then I went home...

I have never seen so many Robins in my life. They
ushered me toward the house and were all over my block
in downtown O-Town as I got to the door. Saturday, my
oldest was excited to see some Robins on the ground
around the corner. They were a steady stream for hours
into the evening.

Around 1 PM, I filled the feeders and headed inside. I
heard a strange song from a resident Blue Jay and
lloked outside. Robins were gathering on the ground
for the first time this year. By the time I got to the
back of the house they were EVERYWHERE.

I sat among them for an hour and watched them longer.
They drank the water from the large cement bird bath
dry. TWICE. They were still drinking after I filled it
after that.

Best of all, I noticed a slightly smaller bird drop in
while the Robins were drinking. Finally revealed
itself as a Waxwing. Grabbed the camera and sat 20
feet away as a second stopped by.

All in all a great bird day. I still have to total the
species. And 74 in January!

Love Central Florida.

Updates to the site to follow, I am sure.

Andrew Boyle
Orlando, FL

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