One snow Goose was seen in the Marsh Trail Impoundment C-7 8am.
Originally spotted by Rod Gardner,  it was closer to  the Northwest corner.
Later in the morning, at 1130, it was in the center of the impoundment.  It
was then very difficult to see as it moved in and out of the rushes feeding.
  Both times it was accompanied by Glossy Ibis.  This Snow Goose appears to
have a light veil of brown-gray over its back, with all of those feathers
edged in white. The breast was white.   The bill was black with just a hint
of pink- red over the upper bill.

The Marsh trail parking area is off of the Lee Road Entrance to the Refuge.
C-7 is the impoundment with the parking lot at one corner and the
observation tower at the southwest corner.

Remember that Loxahatchee NWR is a fee area-$5.00 per car unless you have a
pass.  The gate opens automatically at 6am and closes automatically at
6:30PM.  If you come February 12, 2005 no vehicles will be admitted, since
it is Everglades Day. Admission that day will be free, but you have to park
outside the refuge and take the bus in.  See if you need further details.

Keeping one eye on the road,
One eye on the birds.

Kathy Walters
Delray Beach

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