I appreciate Rex letting the cat out of the bag that I had some photos
of the Gull, which subsequently flooded my inbox with emails.

My photos aren't great, and the bird was some distance away.  However
here's my 2 cents.

In flight the bird appeared slightly larger than the neighboring
Herring, which suggests Glaucous.  Indeed, the bird probably is.
However, this bird was completely white (to my eyes).  There was no
grey, brown, or "dirty" markings anywhere on the bird, which I expected
to see on a Glaucous.  I suppose it's possible that at our distance, we
simply couldn't see the markings, or that they did not exist if the bird
was incredbly worn.  Patrick Leary sent me a beautiful photo of a
Glaucous Gull from Jekyll Is in GA, which shows a lot of brown pigment.
I don't think this was the same bird.

Fuzzy photos are posted here:

Steve Collins
Gainesville, FL

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