Alan Knothe asked me to post this for him.  He sent the original message on
Thursday (Jan 27) but I didn't have access to e-mail until tonight (Sun).


Earl Orf


The past two nights I have heard AMERICAN WOODCOCKS while walking the trails
at the St. Joe State Buffer Preserve (this is NOT the section of the
Preserve on the Florida Birding Trail). To reach this area head east on Hwy.
98 from Port St. Joe and take CR-30A south for 4.5 miles. You will see the
Buffer Preserve Headquarters on the right. Directly across the street is a
dirt road that leads a short distance to a small parking area. Park here and
walk out the trail about half a mile. I have heard the birds calling just as
the sun sets. 

Good Luck & Good Birding,

Alan W. Knothe,

The Birdman

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