Hi All,

I have received complaints from several subscribers to LRNASST-L (some
have asked to be withdrawn from the list) about individuals who use the
forum to make political statements which they consider only marginally
related to the purpose of the listserv, if at all.  However, I have not
seen my role as censor. Rather I have allowed subscribers to reign in
offenders. Usually, one comment from a colleague takes care of the
situation. I generally correspond directly with persons who are using
LRNASST-L inappropriately rather than responding through the listserv. I
choose to handle listserv problems quietly, when possible, to avoid
embarrassing (and thus silencing) someone who unintentionally violates
good rules of nettiquette. Also, I do not want to further clutter
subscribers' mailboxes with email that does not interest them-- nor do I
want to call additional attention to information that some already see
as objectionable. That said, I wonder if our problems would be reduced
by changing the default so that a simple "reply" to email received from
LRNASST-L goes only to the sender of the message. Many subscribers are
also annoyed by personal conversations going to the whole list. I
believe most of these are accidental and could be avoided by sending
returns to the sender alone.

Because I am able to change the return function so that a simple reply
would go only to the sender of the message, I am taking a poll.  (I have
not changed the default in the past because I think many "lurkers" are
benefiting from reading conversations about relevant topics that would
become private.) Please email me privately (mail to:  [log in to unmask]).
On the subject line type "Change reply default" or "No change." You need
not type anything in the body. If the majority of the listserv wants the
reply function changed, it will be changed. Lurkers, you need to speak
out on this one.

Winnie Cooke
University of  Florida

John Orr wrote:

>May I suggest that the default "Reply" be sent only to the source person
>while "Reply to All" be reserved for distribution to the whole list?
>Most people just click reply, I think, which is the source of the
>The down side to the change would be that plenty of relevant messages
>for the whole group would be mistakenly sent to just one person.
>I'm not sure whether the email program will allow this change.
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>One suggestion that I would make is that contributors to the listserv
>use subject lines that reflect the topic discussed.  Rather than "FYI",
>a title of "Presidential Reading Habits" would have given readers a
>better picture of what to expect in the discussion.  I enjoy these
>lively debates and appreciate their relevance to our field, but
>regrettably I just don't have time to spend the day pondering political
>On a related matter, I also don't have time to spend reading personal
>notes between participants.  Despite repeated requests from
>contributors, there continues to be much confusion on how to send a
>private message.  Is it possible to add specific instructions to the
>information that attaches to every message?
>I don't want to give up this valuable source of information, but I have
>found that it is starting to take a great deal of time to sort out the
>postings that help me improve services to our students.
>Karel Asbury, Director
>The Learning Place
>Kellogg Community College
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