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Dear all,

the following book is published today:

  U. Brandes, T. Erlebach (Eds.)
  Network Analysis - Methodological Foundations
  LNCS Tutorial 3418
  Springer, 2005
  ISBN 3-540-24979-6

  Publisher's website:

If they arrive in time, I will bring display copies to Sunbelt.
(for those of you who helped by reviewing chapters:
I hope to have your copy, too)

Table of Contents:

 1 Introduction
 2 Fundamentals

Part I: Element-Level Analysis

 3 Centrality Indices
 4 Algorithms for Centrality Indices
 5 Advanced Centrality Concepts

Part II: Group-Level Analysis

 6 Local Density
 7 Connectivity
 8 Clustering
 9 Role Assignments
10 Blockmodels

Part III: Network-Level Analysis

11 Network Statistics
12 Network Comparison
13 Network Models
14 Spectral Analysis
15 Robustness and Resilience



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