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On Thu, 10 Feb 2005, Carter T. Butts wrote:

>                                         ...  In the long haul, the
> best way to ensure that the field survives is to establish a consistent
> record of scientific success (strong predictive theories, refined and
> deployable measurement tools, etc.).  Complaining about the current
> state of affairs (while a fun pastime) does little to bring this about.

I agree with your general point about science, but the coin of the realm
in the academy, and in science as a profession, is citation--the credit
for an idea.  Many, if not most of us "of a certain age" here have had our
oxen gored by Duncan's lack of attention to little details of citation.
My own most direct experience in this regard is his 2003 Science paper,
which invents homophily, Blau (sociodemographic) space, organizations
assembled into populations of organizations, and so forth.  All without
any attribution.  From the point of view of the scientific enterprise it
is more or less irrelevant, but from the individual's point of view it can
feel like theft.  That may account for the affective tone of some of the
dialogue here.


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