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On Mon, 21 Feb 2005, Blyden B. Potts wrote:
> Without relationships there is no money

Without relationships there is hardly anything. So, this premise is a

> the primary purpose of money is to create (exchange) relationships.

Money doesn't have a purpose of itself. Humans use money. Humans' purpose
in using money is not to create but rather facilitate or smooth out
exchange relationships. People want to, and oftentimes can, create
exchange relationship independent of and prior to money.

> Money *IS* commodified social relationships.

I hear echoes of Georg Simmel's Philosophy of Money here but what he said
was that money commodifies and weakens all social relationships and
thereby ushers in the Gesellschaft (vis-a-vis Gemeinschaft). This is a
subtle but significant difference.

Kerimcan Ozcan

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