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Certainly one can argue that money facilitates the creation of certain
kinds of relationships.  (You can also argue that it inhibits the
creation of other kinds of relationships: I'd guess that bartering
requires more negotiation than currency exchange, and how many of us
know the names of any of the cashiers at the supermarkets we

(As a side note, you can generate capital in a way that doesn't involve
relationships (by, say, building a useful object out of raw materials
that you collected yourself).)

Nevertheless, let's suppose that your original implication (that all
capital is relationship capital) is  accurate, for the usual
understanding of the word "capital".  I would still suggest that it's
useful to distinguish between forms of social capital (such as
reputation), and other forms of capital (such as saleable goods or
currency); it seems to me that they play distinct (if complementary)
roles in socioeconomical systems.

Joshua O'Madadhain

On 21 Feb 2005, at 19:58, Blyden B. Potts wrote:

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> Money not relational?!!  What, are you kidding?
> Money has to be one of the MOST relational concepts there is.
> Without relationships there is no money and the primary purpose of
> money is
> to create (exchange) relationships.
> Money *IS* commodified social relationships.
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> no.
> money is capital and it's hardly relational
> On Feb 21, 2005, at 5:43 PM, Blyden B. Potts wrote:
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> Isn't ALL capital 'relationship capital'?
> Per
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