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The International Network for Social Network Analysis Announces Visible
Path Graduate Student Award

Award recognizes research on how social networks improve professional

REDONDO BEACH, CA – February 16, 2005 – The International Network for
Social Network Analysis (INSNA) announced a newly-created Visible Path
Graduate Student Award at the Sunbelt XXV International Social Network
Conference here today.

INSNA will give the annual award, which carries a $5,000 prize plus
paid expenses to the Sunbelt conference, to a graduate student in
recognition of research on how social networks are used to improve
individual and inter-organizational performance.

“Social network analysis touches many disciplines -- anthropology,
sociology, psychology, political science, economics, medicine, urban
planning and communications science for starters – yet there are few
awards that support basic social network research,” said Bill Richards,
INSNA president and professor of communications at Simon Fraser
University. “This award seeks to encourage research for benefit of
everyone who is interested in the juncture of social network analysis
and organizational performance.”

The award stems from a widening interest in social network analysis
sparked by articles, popular books and new companies selling web
services and software that capitalize on social networks.

“The timing is right for graduate students looking to discover new
insights on social network that can advance an increasingly popular
discipline with growing opportunities for application” said Stanley
Wasserman, professor of sociology, psychology, and statistics at
Indiana University and chief scientist for Visible Path Corp. in New

To apply for this year’s award, students submit a paper to INSNA’s
Visible Path Graduate Student Award Committee before 1 September 2005.
Submitted papers will be evaluated by a committee of four judges; their
decision will be final. Judging will be on the basis of the level of
originality in the ideas and techniques, the possible applications and
their treatment, and potential impact. The awardee will give a formal
presentation at the Sunbelt 2006 conference in Vancouver. The paper
must be written between September 1, 2004 and August 31, 2005.
Eligible students must be first (or sole) author on the submitted
paper.   Letters of support should be submitted as well. The committee
may arrive at the conclusion that none of the submitted papers merits
the award.

The award will made for the first time in 2006. Funds for the award are
provided by Visible Path.

Address for submission (electronic submissions (.pdf files) required):
        Professor Ronald Burt
        Chair, Visible Path Graduate Student Award Committee
        Graduate School of Business
        University of Chicago
        5807 South Woodlawn Avenue
        Chicago, Illinois   60637
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About Visible Path
Visible Path transforms the way large companies leverage relationship
capital to drive top-line revenue growth. The Visible Path platform
applies the science of social network analysis to allow professionals
to access the entire enterprise's trusted relationship network without
invading privacy or compromising relationships. The platform integrates
tightly with corporate applications to measurably accelerate sales
cycles, increase close rates, and reduce the cost of lead generation
and customer acquisition. Visible Path, founded in 2002, is a
privately-held company with investment from Kleiner Perkins Caufield &

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