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Hi all,


I can ad that EU just has founded at least two projects about complex networks ( it may be more) which both have social scientists and physicists as members.




 Fredrik Liljeros


Ps There is a really nice introduction to the Song paper by Steven Strogatz in the same number of Nature as the original article for those who not want (or have time) to go into the technical details Ds
Pss I am not able to see any claims about universality in the original article Dss
Psss From my point of view I think that Durkeims theory about dynamical density and the transmission from mechanical to organic solidarity sounds very much like an non continious phase transition in statistical physics ;-) Dsss

<Such an effort is currently made in France at a national level,
<between computer scientists, sociologists and other researchers
<in human sciences. The main objective is really to do what was
<proposed on the list: exchange points of views, methods,
<questions, and even, sometimes, answers.
<The discussions of this group are very rich, and, despite it is
<difficult to evaluate, it makes no doubt that the discussions
<have important consequences on both sides.

You may visit the web page of this project (in French, I am sorry):

Best regards,
Matthieu Latapy

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