About noon today I and many others saw a Mangrove Cuckoo along Wildlife
Drive.  It was hopping around in the mangroves from 2' to 10' off the
water.  This place is about 100 yards short of the dike over to the
Indigo Trail and at a pool just off the road on the right.

On another note, the reason I went to the Reserve today was to try to
find again the reported Eurasion Teal.  This bird was apparently seen on
the 5th or 6th of Feb.  Vince Lucas made mention of a possible Eurasion
Teal at the wildlife sanctuary. (Thanks Vince).  I didn't learn of it
until late yesterday, the 9th, and since I live on the island, this
seems a little ridiculous.  If it hadn't been for Vince's single posting
and follow-up yesterday, I may have never known of this bird.  Now,
there are many people going through the reserve and, I realize the vast
majority are not serious birders, but some are plus there is a very
large staff of docents out along the drive everyday.  What I would like
- any of them.  I thought the reason they were established in the first
place was so everyone could access the info instead having to hear it
word of mouth from your buddy.   You don't have to write a missive or a
scientific journal - just get the word out.  Not everyone has access to
the internet while they are away, but you could call a local or ask at
the office if a posting could be made.

Last week I was birding over in Texas in the Lower Rio Grande Valley and
had a delightful experience.  A part of this was the excellent TEXBIRDS
website which people use and are very conscientious in updating.  It
made at least two life birds possible that I have no idea how I would
have seen otherwise.

I did not see the bird today.  It was taking for ever for the tide to go
out and there were not many Blue-winged Teal around which I understand
the Eurasian likes to hang out with.  Thanks for bearing with my

Dick Konz
Sanibel, FL

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