On Sat 12th, a visit to the Naples and Fort Myer's
area produced some interesting birds. At Greenway Rd
at 7.30am, two of the three Yellow-headed Blackbirds
previously reported by Alan Murray and Vince Lucas
were present with the large flock of Red-winged
Blackbirds and Brown-headed Cowbirds. The flock spent
several minutes on the power lines and trees adjacent
to the canal before moving east into the fields. At
nearby Eagle Lakes park at least 5 Bronzed Cowbirds
were seen in the area to the right of the gazebo.

Tigertail Beach at low tide was great for shorebirds
with five plover species, including 4 Snowy Plover. A
'white morph' Reddish Egret was also seen here along
with several 'dark morph'.

En route to Sanibel, a quick check of Bunche Beach at
high tide produced a Long-billed Curlew roosting with
a mixed flock of mainly Willet and Black-bellied
Plover. They were on a small sand bar about 30 feet
offshore and to the left of the parking lot. Some
stills taken on the camcorder can be seen at:

At Ding Darling NWR a search for the Eurasian Teal
failed to locate the bird or any Green-winged Teal.
Only Blue-winged Teal were found, mainly around the
viewing tower part of the drive.

Mark Berney
Sunrise, Broward

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