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The AOU treats Anas crecca (Common Teal) and A. carolinensis (Green-winged
Teal) as conspecifc (=same species).  The scientific name is Anas crecca by
rules of priority.   The AOU uses the "American" name Green-winged
Teal  for the species; while others (e.g., del Hoyo in Handbook of Birds of
the World) use Common Teal for the same species.   The difference is in
what English names are used.

The ABA list follows the taxonomy of the AOU, thus you can only count Anas
crecca for both Green-winged and Common Teal .

As far as comments last week about if they should be recognized as separate
species as some have done recently, the AOU -CLC (I am a member) discussed
this last year I think it was.  As has been pointed out, hybridization
occurs between crecca and carolinensis in eastern Siberia and western
Alaska.  What is not known is to degree to which they hybridize in eastern
Siberia/western Alaska.  We therefore felt that we need to have more data
on what is happening in this zone of hybridization before we split the two
taxa.. Philosophies about splitting and lumping depend greatly on species
concepts; the AOU-CLC follows the Biological Species Concept, while some
other committees are using broader mixed species concepts that incorporate
evolutionary history and monophyly.

Hope that helps,
Andy Kratter

Dr. Andrew Kratter, Collections Manager- Ornithology
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