At about noon today (Sun.), I saw a Black-legged Kittiwake fly in and
land in the waters of Cumberland Sound just off a rock jetty a few
hundred yards west (inland) of the fort.  It was an adult in basic
plumage; all-yellow bill and single dark smudge on the "ear" (only gull
with this combination of field marks).  Also, black legs, black

Unfortunately for my Ornithology students and other friends, this was
right after I left them (and the scope) as they headed east and I
headed west to do a van shuttle to pick them up.  The bird only stayed
2 min, and 2 more attempts to find it later (in the sound and off the
pier) failed.

Other notes:  only 1 Purple Sandpiper on the pier-side jetty among
hundreds of Ruddy Turnstones and 100+ Sanderlings, and that we saw only
on our second trip.  From pier's end in the morning, we had 1 or 2
Red-throated Loons (no Commons) flying by every several minutes, with
one of them landing.  About the same or a bit higher frequency of
Northern Gannets, far out.  There were 2 large "V"s (ca. 50) of Scoters
flying fairly high and north--got on the second one, and confirmed they
were all White-winged Scoters.

Huguenot Park/ Ward's Bank:  a plover clinic could be had late
afternoon by the lagoon, with Piping (4), Wilson's (2), Semipalmated
(many) and at least one Black-bellied in proximity.  2 Amer.
Oystercatchers, no interesting gulls.


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