I'm seeking the knowledge of the birders of Florida as to this ID.  Pat
Burns found this bird at Chapman's Pond in Gainesville today, and I took
some lousy pics this afternoon.  Photos can be found here:

It was actively feeding and wouldn't keep his head out of the water very
long, which made it frustrating to photograph.  I'm about 90 % sure it's
a Common Teal.

Field Marks for Common Teal I noticed:
The head is a different color than the other Green-winged teals.  It
looks browner
The bold, pale facial lines are very noticable
Does not have a vertical white bar on the sides of the breast
The vermiculations on the sides/flanks are very noticable.  Very much
like a gadwall.
The flanks are a lighter color than the flanks on other Green-winged Teals
Does contain a horizontal white stripe on the scapulars

Reservations I have against this being a Common Teal
The horizontal white stripe on the scapulars is thin - not like what
I've found in field guides.

Steve Collins
Gainesville, FL

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