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Dear colleagues.

We are working with a few colleagues to define a set of simple statistical
properties, similar to the degree distribution, the clustering coefficient,
etc, but designed for the analysis of affiliation networks (modeled as
bipartite graphs).

Our aim is to identify and define properly tools which would be relevant
on most affiliation networks (just like the clustering coefficient for
classical networks, for instance).

Despite many affiliation networks have been studied, and many statistical
properties have been introduced to this purpose, we do not think such a
general study has already be done. It seems to us that it would help much
in various contexts.

To this regard, we are collecting references on affiliation networks.

We have already found the ones in the attached file, but certainly
several important ones are still missing. Please send us any reference
you may consider relevant for our study.

Of course, the whole list of references we will collect will be publicly
available on the Web.

Best regards.

Matthieu Latapy

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