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Just when I had my blood pressure, swollen feet, and migraine headaches
under control,
 I turned on C-SPAN2.  At the bankruptcy bill debate I threw my walker
across the living room to hit the television.  My walker knocked over two
lamps and hit the television.

 Please turn on C-Span2 today Monday, March 7 and tomorrow March 8 for the
bankruptcy debate.

Senators, Both Democrats and Republicans are making it easier for credit
card companies to take homes from us by forcing us into bankruptcy.

I do not know how I will get across the living room to my walker.  Without
it I am stuck in this uncomfortable computer chair.  Now the politicians
have caused my migraine to be so strong that I see a permanent streak of
lightening across my vision.

Senators Mitch McConnell, Bill Frist and Orin Hatch are pushing the new
bankruptcy bill.  (Verify at 1-202-224-3121, Senate Phone Number).
McConnell, Frist and Hatch want to pass the bankruptcy bill that will push
us, especially the retired, very elderly, single mothers, and widows from
our homes.  Sens McConnell, Frist and Hatch are expanding homelessness by
changing the bankruptcy law so credit card companies can take our homes if
we are slow on our payments to the credit cards.  Sen Kennedy wants to
prevent homelessness by keeping people in their homes after bankruptcy.  No
where and never before has the betrayal by politicians of the public been so
blatant.  (Verify at Senate & House 1-202-224-3121)
to contact each senator.  E-mail and phone them.
  Click to contact each
representative.  E-mail and phone

Please Turn on C-SPAN 2 and watch the debate

My feet are swelling as I watch C-SPAN2 and a blood vessel burst in my right
hands.  Politics is dangerous for me.

With the Bankruptcy bill Both Republicans and Democrats are pushing a change
that makes it easier for banks to expel us from our homes.  Senator Kennedy
1-202-224-3121 wants us to keep our homes after bankruptcy as do all
residents  in Florida and Texas.  Senator Orin Hatch, Republican,
1-202-224-3121 wants to give creditors more power to throw us from our
homes.  Then when we are homeless and the credit card companies have
auctioned off our home, we would still have to pay the debts thought
unemployed and homeless.  Hatch, McConnell, and Frist have even mentioned
the "usefulness of debtor's prison.  The politicians wish to give creditors
greater power to dispossess us and make us homeless.  Senator Kennedy has
proposed an amendment that would allow everyone nationwide to keep their
homes after bankruptcy.  This way workers would have time for their cities,
counties, and states to bring in new manufacturers for new jobs.  Both
Republicans and Democrats voted down this amendment, so that only the
wealthy with legal loopholes of trusts and homes in Florida and Texas can
keep their homes. This bankruptcy bill will even enable credit card
companies to drive anyone into bankruptcy and take our homes.  This
injustice is glaring.

My left foot is so swollen that it is turning purple.

 The other senators treated Sen Kennedy with the deepest spite.  No where
and never before has the betrayal by politicians been so blatant.  They have
utter contempt for us.  The politicians are for the banks and clearly making
us homeless.  Who is bribing who?  I am old enough to know that a bribe
talks and that all else walks.  Right now only Senator Kennedy's amendment
to the Bankruptcy bill will help us.  Only Senator Kennedy wants to makes
sure that we are not made homeless by bankruptcy in this changing world
where industries can disappear with a single new invention or overseas

Please turn on C-SPAN2 and watch this debate.  Call 1-202-224-3121 to you
senator and you yourself will verify what I say of politicians betraying us.

I wonder, can I sue the senate for my medical bills.  Hopefully an old
neighbor will visit as he usually does to  cuss politicians with me.  If he
does visit he will pull my walker leg from my busted TV set and give it to
me so that I can throw it again.

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