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I am a graduate student working on a social network project.  I ran into two
questions about social network structural properties when I was using Ucinet
to analyze network data.

1.    network--->centrality--->Degree: The output provide Freeman's graph
centralization measures.  I understand that the degree centralization
expresses the degree of inequality or variance in the network as a
percentage of that of a perfect star network of the same size.  The output
also indicates that centralization of a network could exceed 100% if valued
data are used.  My question is how should a network centralization value
that exceeds 100% be interpreted?  What does it mean?  Does it mean the
network structure is more than a perfect star structure?

2.    network--->cohesion---->Distance:  the output provides distance-based
cohesion.  It is also indicated that this value ranges from 0 to 1, with
larger value meaning higher degree of cohesiveness.  How is this value
calculated?  What exactly does it mean?

I appreciate any feedback from you!  Thanks!


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