A Greater White-fronted Goose - apparently healthy and showing no signs of
having been a captive - continues to enjoy the low company of a flock of
Muscovy Ducks near the intersection of I-75 and Newberry Road in
Gainesville. It was still present early this afternoon, grazing along the
grassy border of the retention pond.

 From I-75 exit westbound onto Newberry Road (SR-26). Proceed a fraction of
a mile and then turn left onto NW 75th Street, which is marked by a traffic
light. Go 0.2 mile on 75th and then turn left again onto NW 4th Boulevard.
You'll see the pond almost immediately. The goose keeps to the far end.

I keep expecting it to fly north, but a White-fronted spent over a year on
Paynes Prairie, from October 1972 to December 1973, associating with a
flock of introduced Canada Geese, and perhaps this bird is just as sociable
as that one.

Rex Rowan

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