Hello, All.

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> ...we should avoid feeding the jays not only for
> of nutrition, but also because it's important that
> the birds retain some amount of healthy wariness of
> humans.

True, true. But don't be surprised when they jump onto
your head. ;-)

> Sorry to be a Monday morning killjoy...

Not at all. Needs to be said. I think we all are aware
of the ignorance that is spread far and wide.

One more thing on the Preserve. I have received a
couple emails who wanted me to include info on the
location. I take for granted that if you have email
you might have to ability to do a web search on a
subject and omit certain things becasue I would look
for it on my own.

But I am a computer geek. Sorry.

Main site I read before I went there was:

It is in Deltona. Just out of their downtown.

> On an up-note, Andy and I saw our FOTS eastern
> kingbird at Bald Point on Saturday, and a red-eyed
> was singing in our yard yesterday afternoon. Wahoo!
> Bring on the birds!

Indeed, and thanks for reminding me! Had a Red-eyed
Vireo in my yard yesterday, too. First time I have
seen them in the yard. Also had several Parula and a
Black and White Warbler.

Finches still getting more golden.

Take care,


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