Today I had an unexpected day off so I decided to bird around at Ft. Clinch SP.  Migrants are starting to trickle in.  The number of N. PARULAS has increased tenfold.  Males are singing everywhere. Y-T WARBLER numbers have also gone up.  Some other migrants today included two (2) FOS (at least for me) PRAIRIE WARBLERS and two (2) FOS RED-EYED VIREOS.  Other warblers included B&W and WESTERN PALM.

Egan's Creek Wetland--

This area held the usual shorebirds today.  The Blue-winged Teal appear to have dispersed.

Good birding

Justin Rink
Amelia Island
Fernandina Beach, Nassau Co.
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Vireocity (vee-REE-os-it-EE)--definition--When two or more vireos are present in a flock. Example--- There's a little vireocity going on in the top of that tree.

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