The real name for the two trees that the Buff-bellied Hummingbird is feeding
on is "Shaving Brush Tree" (Bobax ellipticum).  These two trees, one with
white flowers and the other red are right next to the tram road west and
south of my original sighting.  You can't miss these trees, they are tall
and do not have any leaves on them, only flowers.  The truck and branches
are smooth and greenish in color.  The large flowers look like an old
fashion "Shaving Brush".

Today there were several other hummingbirds in with the Buff-bellied
Hummingbird; one is possibly an adult Black-chinned Hummingbird so keep your
eyes open.

Directions and my original post:

Fairchild Tropical
: Gardens: 10901 Old Cutler Road Coral Gables, Florida. The park has a
: $15.00 admission fee for Adults and is open from 9:30 to 4:30 every day
: except December 25.
: The bird was located about 300 yards from the park entrance by the Allee
: Overlook the letter J on the park map. Follow the tram road in about 300
: yards until you get next to the Allee and Overlook area across from
: Lake. Look for some bright yellow/green tape hanging from a tree on the
: right side. The bird was feeding on the red flowers in this area. Later
: other birders saw the hummer near some white flowering Powder Puff trees
: the southwest of this area. These trees are about 30 feet tall and are
: to a palm-roofed hut. The bird was feeding high in these trees and lower
: down in the red flowering Firebush tree where it roosted.
: Here is one of the photos that I took.
: By the way there will be a large Orchid Festival I think starting this
: Friday, so it may be a good thing to get there before this if possible.

Larry Manfredi
Homestead, FL.
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