I had a Pine Siskin at my feeders for the past 15 minutes. That's the first
I've seen of them this year. The goldfinch flocks have been different every
day for the past few weeks with some individuals nearing full breeding
plumage. I had one partially blue Indigo Bunting in the yard a couple of
weeks ago. The catbirds are feeding at my cut oranges.

In the past two days I've seen at least 6 hummingbirds in my yard. Of those
six, I believe at least four and maybe five of them were banded in January.
The "dominant' birds have left so the activity level is very low. The birds
come in every hour or so, feed and then leave. With a dominant bird, they
only half feed resulting in many more trips to the feeders. The
vocalizations with a dominant bird defending his territory also makes it
much easier to see the birds. Now, I can be outside and not even realize a
bird is around unless I get lucky and see it fly in.

I'm still seeing at least two Black-chinneds. They are best seen from the
comfort of my sofa so I do see them multiple times a day. They sometimes go
hours without coming to the feeders so I don't advise making a special trip
in hopes of seeing them. I believe one or two of these were banded with the
possibility of a third that wasn't.

Of the four Ruby-throats, one is the adult male banded in January, two are
young males banded in January, and one is a female that was not banded. The
adult had not been seen since the banding. I knew it was him because he
still had some of the pink stripe painted in his head during the banding. He
showed up a day or two after I removed the Rufous' feeder after she left. It
was being emptied by a raccoon every night. Apparently, this Ruby-throat had
been sneaking in and feeding at this feeder when the Rufous wasn't looking
(as well as everyone else in my yard). One of the young males has more than
half his gorget grown in while the other (who still has a pink stripe on his
head) only has a small spot of maybe three or four feathers.

As the cool and comfortable temperatures are shifting to hot and humid and
the flights of hummers are being replaced by mosquitoes, I'm happy I can
still watch the birds in my yard from my windows.

Steve Backes
Valrico, FL
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