Swallow-tailed Kite nests:

We are seeking help in finding Swallow-tailed Kite nests in northern and central Florida during the 2005 breeding season for a radio-telemetry pilot study of survival. In the long term, the project, for which we are seeking funding, would track kites from fledging through the first four years of life to improve our estimates of recruitment to the breeding population.  Please report any observations that suggest nesting, such as repeated sightings in suitable habitat, vocalizations, birds carrying nest material or food, copulations, nest building, etc.  PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS LIST.  Send your reports to:

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Include your contact information, a detailed location, land ownership (if known), a description of what you saw, and any history of such activity in the vicinity.  Nest-finding will be the most difficult and expensive aspect of the proposed study, so any information you can provide will be helpful as long as you think it is indicative of nesting, not simply individual birds temporarily using the area.

Thank you very much for your help.  Ken Meyer, Gina Zimmerman, Avian Research and Conservation Institute, Gainesville, Florida.

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