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Emanuela Todeva wrote:
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> Dear colleagues,
> We are working with a very large database that consist of 150, 000
> cases and 900 binary variables and we would like to analyse
> relationships between these variables. Is this possible through
> UCINET or another software that could be used for network analysis.
> We will appreciate any advice on an appropriate  software.

Much depends on what you want to do, and what you're willing to go
through to do it.  There are various software libraries out there which
can be used to implement highly scalable network tools (JUNG, netstat,
etc.), but I presume you're looking at something which can be used
directly by a data analyst.  MultiNet has already been mentioned in that
regard; another possibility is to use R.  I've used the sna library on
graphs with a few thousand nodes without any real problems, though some
functions obviously scale better than others.  Both can be obtained from

Hope that helps,


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