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The JUNG Development Team is proud to announce the release of JUNG
1.6.0. JUNG is the open-source (BSD) Java Universal Network/Graph
toolkit -- JUNG makes it very simple to represent, visualize, and do
calculations on social networks with just a little bit of Java code.

The newest version of JUNG is the result of intensive work on the
visualization system. The defaults are useful, and with a little bit of
code, it can be beautiful.

JUNG now features:
        * Smooth mouse-driven zooming, panning, scrolling, and pop-up menus
        * More flexible visualization of vertices and edges:
          - arbitrary shapes for vertices and edges (e.g. any desired curve
for edges)
          - more options for filling vertex and edge shapes (e.g. gradient
        * A cleaner and more powerful architecture for vertex and edge picking
        * Background and foreground images

We invite you to try out JUNG and let us know how it works for you.

The JUNG home page:

Or check out the updated renderer demo at
to see some of JUNG's new visualization capabilities.

Joshua O'Madadhain and Danyel Fisher, for the JUNG Development Team Per
Joshua O'Madadhain: Information Scientist, Musician, and
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