The past week in Nassau County has been lightly spackled with occasional migrants. Here's what's been seen recently.  Many are FOSs.

Yesterday 4/06-- SWAINSON'S THRUSH and a still-lingering HERMIT THRUSH at Fort Clinch.  BLUE-HEADED VIREOS were attempting full song.  A male SUMMER TANAGER (Piranga) was first heard and then seen at Amelia Island SP.

4/04-- During the evening hours at Ft. Clinch a few OVENBIRDS were sighted.  A possible singing YELLOW-THROATED VIREO was also heard.  (Since Y-T and B-H vireos songs are not inhereted, but learned, the Y-T Vireo was not verified.)  More of the usual warblers and wintering species as well...Yellow-rumps, PRAIRIE, PALM (including a nice hypochresea or yellow palm), B&W, COM. YELLOWTHROAT, Y-T WARBLER, and B-G GNATCHATCHERS.  A LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH was observed bobbing along one of the creeks.

A few G-C FLYCATCHERS, MERLINS, and COOPERS HAWKS have been sighted around the Reflections of Nature Island Shop on A1A.

A first-year male ORCHARD ORIOLE was frequenting the Coral Honeysuckle vine at the Reflections of Nature plant nursery in Yulee from 3/31 until 4/2 along with several R-T HUMMINGBIRDS.  On 4/2 an EASTERN KINGBIRD was also observed at this location, as well as Eastern Bluebirds involved in copulation.

Good birding.

Justin Rink
Amelia Island
Fernandina Beach, Nassau Co.
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The "Painted Ones" will be returning soon.

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