Good morning,

My apologies to David Simpson and everyone else for using his subject line in my posting yesterday.  No excuses for that error!  I have included my posting again in case anyone wants to share some advice.  Thank you.

Hello lucky Florida Birders, (because you have so
many birds)

I am from VT and am coming to FL 4/11-4/15 on a
business trip.  My wish list is fairly short and I
am hoping some of you might be able to help; worm
eating warbler and dicksissel.   Of course, every
songbird is a thrill.  Is there a place where I
might be more apt to find either of these guys?
Is there a "best place" to go for migrating
songbirds? Merritt Island NWR is one of my
favorite places, but I'm not sure if I would see
migrating songbirds there.

I will be staying in the Kissimmee area and may
have to work each day, but I can be up early and
out there.  The best thing is to know where to
look.  I do have the FL Birding Trail maps and
Pranty's guide to FL.  Also, am willing to travel,
some days further than others depending on my

Someone told me Fort DeSoto is one of the best
places during migration.  Any comment on that is
appreciated.  I might even get one full day to
bird if I work really hard all the other days!

Thank you so much for your help.  I enjoy this
FLBIRDS list and thank you all for sharing your
sightings.  It is an education.

Please reply directly to me.  I hope this is an
OK post; I have never
posted to this list before.  Thanks again.  If you
ever come to VT, I'd love to share my favorite
places with you.  The number of birds, however,
does not compare with sunny FL.

Jo Ann Lafayette Burlington VT
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