Hey Everybirdy,

    I was able to relocate the American Golden Plover today in the same
vicinity, just a little further back.
  Notables behind Pumphouse Road:
20 or so Ruddy Ducks
4 Lesser Scaup
1 Gull-billed Tern
1 Am. White Pelican
1 Northern Harrier

  Tons of shorebirds along the south edge of E. Gator Creek Road.  Some
2 Gull-billed Terns (hanging with the Black Skimmers)
300+ Stilt Sandpipers
300+ Short-billed Dowitchers
800+ Least Sandpipers
200+Western Sandpipers
3 Am. White Pelicans
30+ Black-necked Stilts
50+ Black-bellied Plovers
500+ Dunlin
12 Roseate Spoonbills
100 or so Semipalmated Sandpipers-  that I could positively ID.  I'm sure
there are more.
 Most of the Westerns are well on their way to alternate plumage.

See you out there!

Thomas J. Dunkerton
Titusville, FL.
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"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge."
-Charles Darwin, naturalist and author (1809-1882)

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