Hey Everybirdy,

  Alex Vinokur and I had a real good dose of birding today.  Tallied up some
miles as well as species (113).
  Started at Mead Gardens at first light.  No the park wasn't opened yet, but
plenty of trees around to keep us busy.  Pretty active in the warbler
department.  Some highlights:
1 Worm-eating Warbler
10+ Black and Whites
1 Chuck-Wills-Widow (seen, not heard)
3+ Great-crested Flycatchers
1 stunning male American Redstart
12+ Prairie
12+ Pine
1 Black-throated Green
2 American Goldfinches
6+ Cedar Waxwings
1 Bald Eagle
2 Wood Ducks
  On to Viera Wetlands....
1 Crested Caracara (being constantly harassed by Fish Crows)
1 Female Greater Scaup in the north click pond swimming with the only
Ring-necked Duck of the day (female).
6+ Green Herons
1 Bald Eagle
2 Sandhill Cranes
and um.....oh yeah!
1 Upland Sandpiper- It appeared to be a different one than the one we found 2
weeks ago.  This one was actually on the sod fields on the south side of
Wickhan Rd as we were leaving.
4+ Eastern Meadowlarks
   On to MINWR- how could we not?  On the way to the Refuge, near my
neighborhood is a "marshy" area on Sisson Rd where we happened upon a few Northern
Rough-winged Swallows thanks to Alex's sharp eye.  As we pulled over to view, we
had an Eastern Kingbird fly overhead. Very nice! :)
  Back to the Refuge......
10+Semipalmated Plovers
1 Great Horned Owl (chick) only occupant visible in the nest.
3 Purple Martins (flying high above the visitor's center) along with
3 Barn Swallows
Tons of Spoonbills on Biolab.
We were not as fortunate as Bob Wallace in relocating the American Golden
Plover, or PloverS, as it turns out!!
We did manage to pisch out 2 Sedge Wrens from deep in the grass
  Headed out to Canaveral National Seashore for a look around as well.....
2 Great Black-backed Gulls
20+Royal Terns
1 Northern Gannet
16+ Red Knots (thank you Mr. Simpson!)
4+ Caspian Terns
8+ Forster's Terns
 and a calling E. Towhee from the Eddy Creek Parking Lot
  And to think, I actually even woke up late today!!!  Gotta Love it!!

See you out there!

Thomas J. Dunkerton
Titusville, FL.
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"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge."
-Charles Darwin, naturalist and author (1809-1882)

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