Hey Everybirdy,

  While heading home from work this afternoon from CCAFS, I was happily
delayed by the drawbridge on SR 405.  I try to slow down on purpose when I see a
sailboat heading  for it so that I can take advantage of the view.  Before the
bridge even started to rise I was unfolding my scope.
  Other than the several diving Brown Pelicans and 2 "snorkeling" dolphins I
managed to find a Common Loon vigorously preening itself. Every once in a
while it would even paddle around upside down!   Hadn't seen one in at least 3
weeks.  I imagine it won't be staying too much longer.
  It did have a checkered back and a little speckling on the neck but the
head was not yet all black.

See you out there.

Thomas J. Dunkerton
Titusville, FL.
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"Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge."
-Charles Darwin, naturalist and author (1809-1882)

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