This e-mail is addressed to any or all list members that are in a Federal Agency.

Our Human Resource Division is in the implementation test phase of using the AVUE database .  Prior to using this system,
all records were scheduled and kept in paper format. Not only are they intending on using it for classification, performance
standards, etc., but MER as well (future).  To-date, these records has been scheduled by NARA not as an electronic
recordkeeping file, but in paper format.  For those of you who are already using this system as a HR tool, here are the
questions I would appreciate your input/advice:


(1)  I would like to know if you as the Records Manager/Officer for your agency had to schedule this database
      through NARA as a New System of Records?

(2)  Did you have to submit a Federal Register Notice to the public for comments, etc., announcing a New System of Records
      using AVUE?  (If so, will you be willing to share the contents of that FR Notice?).

(3)  Did you have to schedule the records as an electronic record to NARA?

I appreciate any/all feedback on these questions as soon as possible (I have to address the General Council on this matter).

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