>  I have  been assigned the task of designing a
>small display (zero budget)to commemorate Records Management Month.  This
>is due for implementation in two days.  The target audience for the most
>part is unaware of the topic.

Okay, so as I remember, you work for a Public Agency in Jamaica, and their
main responsibility is Roads/Facilities repair work?

I guess the first question is who is your audience and what is it you want
them to learn about RIM?

Is it that you HAVE a program at all, or what RIM is about, and how do they
relate to the Program and the services it provides?

If it's a matter of teaching them that an RIM Program exists, then you
might want to have:

-YOUR RIM Program (Partnership- shows it's not forced on them, but there to
assist them)
- Where to access information (Location- physical, phone numbers, e-mail
and web site)
- Why they should use it (Benefits- cost reduction, safety of information,
uniform practices)
- Who they contact (Staffing- local representatives, analysts, subject
matter experts)
- What it consists of (Functions- what services are provided, resources,
reference materials)
- A Handout (Something they can walk away with for future contacts)
- A Sign-In Sheet (To gain possible contact names for follow-ups)
- A Letter From an Agency Official (Endorsing the use of the function)

If it's what RIM is all about, then you may want to add:

- Definition of a Record (as it pertains to YOUR agency)
- What is NOT a Record (so they know it doesn't need to be retained)
- Who is responsible for managing records (it's everybody's job)
- Examples of Records that are beneficial (where they've been able to
support decisions)
- Privacy concerns related to records (what to do and why you do it)

Some of these can be half-page to one-page descriptions that you could
re-purpose and use again, maybe to make a tri-fold brochure for handouts or
agency wide mailings or to use at employee orientation meetings (or just
for HR to handout to new employees) or if you have a newsletter, to
possibly insert a topic periodically.


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